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The Weimaraner is a Medium-Large sized, short-coated, grey dog.  They are highly intelligent, extremely energetic, and very loving.  Weimaraners must be part of the family.  They do not do well living outside with little human contact.  If left alone, it is quite likely they will use their large voice to let the world know of their displeasure.  They are known to suffer from separation anxiety.  They thrive on attention from their family, curling up on the couch, and sleeping on the bed.    Weimaraners are rambunctious, michievious, stubborn, and tend to be quite dominant, and most have a high prey drive.  They require a firm, yet gentle hand to constantly steer them in the right direction, or they may become crazy grey monsters.  They are expert counter surfers, shoe thieves, dumpster divers, and hole diggers.  Weimaraners are demanding, needy, and will run right over you if you do not assert yourself.  They are extremely intelligent, high-energy atheletes, and need much mental as well as physical stimulation to keep them happy and fit.  They are also extremely loving, loyal, entertaining, and top-rate snugglers. 

In short, Weimaraners are not for MOST people, but if the Weim is right for you, they will fill a place in your life that no other dog can!



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